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renewable, recyclable, responsible - that's reAlchemy

reAlchemy Limited is focused on consulting and project development in the sustainability sector.  We are passionate about helping to develop and deliver projects that leave the world a better place than it was before.
These projects range from renewable energy generation to waste reduction and recycling strategies and processes.  The common themes are sustainability and responsibility.

reAlchemy Services

Working with our partners in industry, we are able to provide a diverse range of services to the Renewable Energy, Waste and Energy from Waste industries

Engineering Design & Project Development

(Helping you to get your project started)

  • Chemical / process engineering support

  • Project engineering in all phases of projects

  • Project management of waste treatment, waste water treatment and renewable energy projects

Construction & Commissioning Support

(Helping you to finish your project)

  • Technical support in the Construction Phase

  • Commissioning support for

    • Anaerobic Digesters

    • Composters

    • Energy from Waste processes

    • Recycling facilities

Specialist Technical Consulting

(Helping you to improve and optimise your project)

  • Analysis of technical and operational processes

  • Indentification and resolution of performance deficiencies

  • Process improvements

Odour Control & Abatement

(Helping you with any odour concerns related to your project)

  • Specialist consulting on odour sources and control

  • Modelling of odour emissions and dispersion

  • Design and delivery support for odour abatement systems

Reagents & Consumables

(Helping you source the right materials at the right price!)

  • Identification of required reagents, nutrients and chemicals for Anaerobic Digesters, EfW thermal processes and more

  • Sourcing and supply of environmentally responsible chemicals and nutrients

renewable, recyclable, responsible - that's reAlchemy



8 Henson Grove
Timperley, WA15 7QA
United Kingdom


8 Henson Grove
Timperley, WA15 7QA
United Kingdom

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